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Why Buy From Us?

As business brokers, we have been engaged by the vendor to sell their pharmacy. As such, we act for their interests. However, we take pride in ensuring that all parties are dealt with in an ethical and confidential manner. All buyers will receive the same duty of care from our highly trained team. Here are some of our key benefits to prospective pharmacy purchasers:

  • Equality of Buyers

    All buyers are treated equally;
  • Professional & Confidential

    All enquiries will be treated in a professional and confidential manner;
  • Your Requirements

    Attain will work with you to understand your requirements;
  • Structured Process

    Know were you stand with our structured process;
  • Full Disclosure

    Receive a comprehensive information kit on all our listings;
  • Independent

    Attain is an independent broker - we do not provide finance or valuations.

You can be assured that when buying from Attain, we will observe ethical business practices and treat all your dealings with us in a professional and confidential manner. Any correspondence, request for information and offers will be treated in the highest confidence and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the vendor of the business.

When buying a pharmacy, you are looking for a business that suits your personal and work preferences. So at Attain we take time to work with you to consider what you are looking for to help present you with a business that suits your requirements.

When dealing with Attain, we will provide you with a proven process to acquire pharmacy disclosure document, consider the offer and submit an offer for the business. We will then work with you and your advisors to complete the sale.

All our listings are covered by confidentiality documents to protect you and the vendor or the business. And we provide full disclosure documents that present enough business information for you to consider a purchase.

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