Selling a Pharmacy

Eventually, all business owners will sell. The key questions are when, how, and who chooses the time? Selling your pharmacy will often be a daunting prospect for many owners. The decision is complicated by other worrying issues such as: If I did sell, which business broker would I choose? How can I work out the price? What is the best method of selling?

Others are concerned about the timing. Should I wait until prices improve? Should I wait until I have my new financial reports? (In reality timing is less important especially if you are buying again in the same market.)

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The decision to sell should be based on personal circumstances - when you decide the time is right for you? It may be that your needs have changed and you decide to buy a bigger business, or perhaps it's time to slow down and you want to downsize; or you may just want a change of scenery.

Whatever the reason, the decisions you make as a vendor are the key to achieving the best possible price when you decide to sell. This article sets out the steps to a successful sale.

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    We specialise in selling pharmacies. Every client is supported by a dedicated sales agent supported by a team of industry experts.
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    We compile a professionally prepared disclosure document that provides vital information about the pharmacy to put forward your business in the best possible light.
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