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Attain makes use of technology and proprietary systems to ensure management of the sale process and all stakeholders in the business. The use of technology allows us to easily identify potential buyers amongst our database, and provide regular management and feedback through the sales process.

Our systems and processes have been designed specifically for business sales based on years of real estate and management experience. They are designed to ensure that you, our client, is kept informed at every step of the way and that your business is managed in a confidential and professional manner.

Software and technology is used to confidentially market your business to a wide base of potential buyers. This software allows us to de-identify your business in a way that attracts buyers, but that does not disclose anything that would jeopardise either your current business operations or reveal the fact that your business is on the market.

All buyer enquiries are logged and managed to ensure that we can present ready and willing buyers to you.

Once the business is sold, our settlements team will help you and your advisors navigate the complex process of contracts, due diligence, finance and settlement.

At all stages through the sale process, we provide constant support and updates to ensure that you are comfortable with how things are progressing.

Our software is written internally and hosted on our own computers - ensuring that your information and details are managed and protected.

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