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Why Use A Broker?

As a business owner, you will understand that to get the best out of your business focus on what you do best and let others manage the rest. If you're a fantastic manager, you will take the role of management and employ others to provide the day-to-day services. If you're fantastic at providing a service, you will deal with customers and employ competent managers.

When selling a business, professional business brokers are well versed in the marketing and selling of a business. Let us guide you through the sale of your pharmacy to ensure the best outcome for you and your business.

  • Equality of Buyers

    All buyers are treated equally;
  • Professional & Confidential

    All enquiries will be treated in a professional and confidential manner;
  • Your Requirements

    Attain will work with you to understand your requirements;
  • Structured Process

    Know were you stand with our structured process;
  • Full Disclosure

    Receive a comprehensive information kit on all our listings;
  • Independent

    Attain is an independent broker; we do not provide finance or valuations;

You have spent considerable time and effort building up your business. The pharmacy may be your largest financial asset. It is important that you get the sale process right – a business broker will identify how to start the process and provide a plan to achieve a sale.

Using a business broker can provide guidance in understanding the likely sale price of your business, steps you can take to maximise the sale price of your business and identify what aspects of the business will appeal to real buyers.

A business broker works daily on business transfers. By using a business broker, you can ensure that an experienced, skilled professional can handle the process and all the complications for you.

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