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Medici Finance is a department of Medici Capital Pty Ltd (www.medici.com.au). Medici Finance specialises in arranging finance for health professionals. At Medici Finance we can find the right source of finance for your needs. Medici Capital can arrange Business Loans; Equipment Finance - Lease / Hire Purchase / Commercial Loans; Line of Credit For Investment Purposes; and Personal and Other Loans.


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Buying a pharmacy can be
one of the biggest financial
decisions you make. Ensure
that you have the tools and
knowledge to make the right

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On average, it takes a first-time pharmacy owner 3 years to buy a pharmacy - from the time they decide to buy, to the time they actually settle on their first business. Given that this is only the average, for many pharmacists the process can take much longer! So to give yourself the best opportunity to buy a pharmacy, it is important that you dedicate time to the process.
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Before you consider buying a pharmacy, ensure that you have a team of advisers with pharmacy experience to assist you through the process. With pharmacy prices at a high, it is important that you spend some money on experienced advisers in order to make sure that you buy a good pharmacy at a great price.
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