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As the leading and independent website advertising pharmacies for sale, practice4sale.com.au is dedicated to helping you attract more potential buyers ... and getting you top dollar for your practice. And, by allowing you to keep your identity and location private, you can advertise with less risk of staff or competitors finding out about your plans, or your financial or operational details. Practice4Sale is a listing service only - providing advertisement services for pharmacies for sale. Advertisements are available for all parties.


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Why A Heads of Agreement is a Good Idea

When you sell a property, outside of an auction, you often sign a Contract Note that contains the key terms and conditions of the sale as a pre-cursor to signing a formal Contract of Sale. The Contract Note is completed by the Real Estate Agent in order to "lock in" the transaction and ensure that once agreement is reached, settlement can commence while the full terms and conditions are addressed in the formal Contact of Sale. This is the same process as signing a Heads of Agreement (HOA) on the agreement to purchase a business, followed by a formal Contract of Sale before settlement.
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Are There Any Good Pharmacies For Sale?

I received an interesting call today from a young pharmacist who asked: "Do you have any GOOD pharmacies for sale?". I must admit that I was initially taken aback by the question. My first reaction was to question the criteria that this pharmacist had used to grade the pharmacy opportunities that were presented. In short: "What makes a good pharmacy for sale?". My responses certainly were insightful to the buyer; but also offer some important notes for those looking to sell a pharmacy.
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