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Wisewould Mahony is the result of the successful amalgamation of Wisewoulds and Mahonys on 1 July 2009. The firm has 60 lawyers (including 17 partners) and approximately 150 staff in total with Accredited Specialists in Business Law, Employment Law, Tax Law and Estate Planning.

We're old but new. Wisewoulds has been practising law in Melbourne since 1853, and Mahonys since 1885. Although proud of our heritage we are dedicated to energetic and modern work practices, and the use of up to date technology in the practice of law. We provide clients with fixed fees and/or fees based on scope of works which enables clients to budget for their legal costs with certainty.

The Wisewould Mahony Pharmacy and Health Professions Group has advised PDL and private pharmacists for many years in all aspects of business. We understand that health professionals need active legal and financial support and work in a highly regulated practice. We provide our clients personal service and support in all areas of their professional practice and also personal legal needs such as estate planning, business succession and partnership advice.

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Level 8, 419 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC


P:03 9629 8333
F:03 9629 4035
E: adam.rich@wisemah.com.au robert.toth@wisemah.com.au

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