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Selling A Smaller Pharmacy

Do you have a smaller pharmacy that you are looking to sell, but thought about managing the process yourself? If so, take a moment to re-consider your position. While the size of the pharmacy may appear manageable, the level of interest that these pharmacies generate in the market is usually much larger than you think! And in order to generate the best outcome, requires a managed approach to screening buyers. This is where a broker like Attain can be of assistance.

Businesses for sale below $1.5 million continue to attract strong interest. Two reasons for this are that these businesses are in the affordability range for many first time owners and sought after opportunities for groups who can provide improvement to these sites. As such, advertisements for these businesses generate a very large number of enquiries. And handling these enquiries can take a considerable amount of time and effort.

At this price range, buyers tend to have some flexibility to "beat the market" if there is a strong level of interest, so it is important to ensure that you can treat with all enquiries to ensure that interest in the business is strong.

However, it is important to also consider that many of the buyers in this price range are first time pharmacy buyers. As such, they are new to the process and do require assistance to prepare themselves for the purchase. This often takes a considerable level of assistance - but can often create the best win-win outcomes.

As a broker, we are experienced in managing these processes and have systems and procedures in place to ensure that we can work with all parties to extract the best outcome. And in this level of the market, our skills in managing the process can lead to significantly better outcomes for the pharmacy owner.

To find out how we can assist you in the sale of your pharmacy, contact us today for an obligation free discussion on 1300 ATTAIN (1300 288 246). We can also provide you with a Free Pharmacy Market Appraisal to indicate the likely sale price for your pharmacy.


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